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Youth of the Month – March 2017

Boy of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin attends Fidalgo Elementary School and this is his first year attending the Club. He is a programming pro, spending his time in the learning center, Art Room, gamesroom, gym, and anything in between. Austin always has a positive attitude and trying new activities and games.


Girl of the Month

Jessica F., age 8

Jessica has been a Club member since 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. She loves spending time with her friends in the Art Room and working on her homework in Power Hour. Jessica is always eager to help staff and makes sure to include everyone when playing.



Teen of the Month

Olivia Y., age 15

Olivia is a diligent member of Keystone Club and is a constant presence in the teen center. Olivia has been a Club member since 2009 and attends Anacortes High School. She always brings her fun, bright, and witty attitude to the Club.



Homework All-Star

Dylan G., age 12

Dylan is extremely diligent at getting his work done. He also spends time in the learning center reading whenever he can and on the computers playing educational games.



Artist of the Month

Soleil R., age 12

Soleil is a daily presence in the Art Room and is always eager to help staff and other members. She recently had an art piece win in the Anacortes Art Contest and is currently competing in a regional contest. 


Triple Play MVP

Taryn M., age 6

Taryn is always eager to spend some time in the gym playing Triple Play games. She is fearless when it comes to competing with the older Club members and always remembers to have fun.



STEM Superstar

Marley B., age 10

Although she doesn’t normally spend time in the computer lab, Marley has been a regular attendee more recently. That is because she has been intrigued with the Clubs 3D design programs. Marley recently made herself a narwhal.  



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Youth of the Month – February 2017

Boy of the Month

Fletcher O., age 12

Fletcher joined the Club in 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He has grown into one of the Clubs best role models for positive sportsmanship and fair play. Fletchers favorite activities are STEM and Triple Play. He even helped his team win the Fall Dodgeball League.


Girl of the Month

Aniyah H., age 8

Aniyah attends Island View Elementary and has been a Club member since 2014. She spends lots of time in the Art Room working on wonderful projects and creations. Aniyah is great at getting her homework done during Power Hour and even fitting in some gym time.



Teen of the Month

Abby Y., age 13

Abby has been a huge influence within Keystone Club, helping with their weekly meetings, volunteering projects, and fundraising efforts. Abby has been a Club member since 2009 and attends Anacortes Middle School. This is her first year in the teen center and has even made it to a few teen nights.



Homework All-Star

Trevor L., age 12

Trevor attends Power Hour most days out of the week to get a head start on his homework. He is great a getting his work done and makes sure to have some fun while doing it too.



Artist of the Month

Mason H., age 10

Mason spends lots of time in the Art Room with his friends making projects and working on his drawings. He enjoys coloring Pokemon and creating his own scenes. Mason always stays late to help clean the room at the end of the day. 


Triple Play MVP

Tyler M., age 8

When he is not in the learning center, Tyler is in the gym playing Triple Play games. He loves every game from tag to baseball, soccer to capture the flag. Tyler never takes the games too seriously, and to him, its all about the fun.



STEM Superstar

Rhiannon P., age 11

When Coding is up on the daily schedule, Rhiannon makes sure staff keeps to it. She is a constant presence in the computer lab and has been working on developing her own tech skills.


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Anacortes Club Hosts Family Arts Night

The Anacortes Boys & Girls Club hosted its annual Family Arts Night this past January, celebrating the Club member’s love of art and their creativity in making projects. Families were treated to a fun evening full of art activities, an art gallery featuring Club member artwork, and the announcement of winners of the Anacortes Art Contest.

“This is always one of our favorite Family Nights,” said Club Director Taylor Bannister. “We cover the gym in artwork so the event feels like an actual art gallery. Our Club members are such amazing artists, so we love being able to display their artwork for their friends, family, and the community.”

“My art was in it,” said six-year old Taryn Maxwell. “My art was number 6! I had fun because I was with my momma.”

“I liked seeing everyone’s artwork and the food was yummy” said Austin Duchene.

Lined with artwork by its youth, the Club also took the opportunity to announce the winners of the annual Anacortes Art Contest. The contest is part of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Fine Arts Exhibit program in which Clubs throughout the country compete. The contest encourages youth to express themselves creatively while helping to develop their artistic talents. Rita James from the Anacortes Arts Festival was gracious enough to volunteer her time as a judge for the event, critiquing artwork based on their age, skill, and artistic sensibility expressed in the artwork.

Jordan Lundsten who won first place for her age group, said “It made me really happy. I’ve never won anything for my art before.”

Artwork from the contest winners is then submitted to the Boys & Girls Club regional competition in Santa Cruz, California, with the chance to move on from there to the National Competition.

“The whole contest was really fun because you could see a lot of different personalities in everyone’s art,” said Club member Gabby Olson.”I’m excited [for my artwork to be going to regionals] because I feel really proud of my art and it’s fun to show it off.”

The night finished with Club members and their families getting to make some artwork of their own. The Club helped to facilitate shaving cream painting and collage hands projects.

“These family nights are always so much fun because we get to share the fun with our families,” said Bannister. “They get the chance to make projects with their own kids. It’s great for us to show what the Club is about.”

The following are the list of winners from the Anacortes Art Contest:

6-9 Year Olds
1. Jordan Lundsten – “Figure with Sun & Waves”
2. Gabi Serrano – “The Color Explosion”
3. Jordan Fratianni – “Ummmm”

10-12 Year Olds
1. Soleil Rouleau – “Splat”
2. Ella Cervantes – “Dots”
3. Gabby Olson – “Sports

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Youth of the Month – January 2017

Boy of the Month

Luka D., age 6

Luka joined the Club this past summer and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He has been a welcome addition to the Club in his first year with high attendance, high participation in programs, and always having a positive attitude. Luka’s favorite game is bumper pool which he is much better than staff at.


Girl of the Month

Brianna F., age 8

Brianna attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since February 2016. She enjoys her time at the Club working in the art room and playing games with her friends. Brianna is great at listening to staff and always including others.



Teen of the Month

Kara G.., age 16

Kara is a daily presence in the Teen Center where she works on her homework, plays cards, or helps with Keystone Club. Kara attends Anacortes High and has been a Club member since 2016.



Homework All-Star

Madison J., age 9

Ada goes to Power Hour everyday but she also brings her friends to the learning center too. She is great at keeping on task with her homework but also making it fun and lighthearted.



Artist of the Month

Alaea C., age 11

Alaea has been extremely helpful for our Art Room Coordinator this past month. She has been helping with cleaning, younger members, and some bigger projects. Alaea has also spent lots of time making her own unique artwork. 


Triple Play MVP

Joshua F., age 10

Joshua had the highest Triple Play attendance of any Club member this past month. He was also a key member of the Dodgeball League Champions, DFC Barcelona, making some great plays to help them win it all.



STEM Superstar

Abby L., age 11

Whenever it is time for coding or computer lab time, Abby is always the first one to get there. She enjoys the challenges that come with STEM activities as well as working with staff to get things done.



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Youth of the Month – December 2016

Boy of the Month

Wyatt W., age 9

Wyatt attends Mt. Erie Elementary and has been a member since 2013. He has strived to earn Youth of the Month for quite some time and we are honored to award it to him because of his improvements in sportsmanship and character development. Wyatt spends his time participating in Triple Play, Healthy Habits, and gamesroom tournaments. 


Girl of the Month

Dakota G., age 7

A Club member since 2013, Dakota attends Fidalgo Elementary and is a daily presence at the Club. She enjoys reading in the learning center and making different crafts in the art room. Dakota always treats other Club members with respect and is eager to help staff when needed.



Teen of the Month

Orion S., age 15

Orion attends Anacortes High and has been a Club member since 2013. Its enough that he is eager to help, but Orion is always eager to help. He helps around the teen center without being asked, which is a wonderful example of his character.



Homework All-Star

Marley B., age 9

Its one thing to enjoy getting your homework done at the Club, but Marley really enjoys getting her getting her work done. She always is one of the first members in the Power Hour room and has fun working with her peers. Marley was able to buy a bunch of prizes from at the Power Hour Store this month with all the points she has earned.




Triple Play MVP

Jordan F., age 8

Jordan went to Triple Play activities more than any other member this month! Her favorite games are Proball and Four Square. She has also made it to all of the Dodgeball teams games this past season.



STEM Superstar

Dylan G., age 11

Dylan has spend more time in coding and STEM activities than any other Club member. He has gotten quite good at building his own video games and has been able to develop some fairly handy skills through the program.



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Winter Break


Attention Parents: Next week, Sedro-Woolley will be open Dec 19-22 and Anacortes will be open Dec 19-23. 

La Conner and Mount Vernon will be closed Dec 19-23. 

All Clubs will be closed Dec 26-30.

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Youth of the Month – November 2016

Boy of the Month

Travis F., age 9

Travis has been a member of the Club since 2013 and attends Island View Elementary. He was able to become a Jr. Staff this school year and has been diligent in helping around the Club. Travis participates in other programs as well such as Power Hour, Triple Play, and more.


Girl of the Month

Rhiannon P., age 11

Rhiannon attends Island View Elementary and is a regular attendee at the Club. Though only joining the Club this past summer, Rhiannon has quickly made an impact as a respectful and energetic member. She participates in Torch Club, Healthy Habits, Dodgeball League and more. 



Teen of the Month

Lauren S., age 15

Lauren attends Anacortes High School and is a daily presence in the teen center. Though only joining the Club recently, she has made herself standout though her eagerness to help around the Club, especially during the Harvest Festival. 



Homework All-Star

Madison J., age 9

Madison has attended Power Hour more than any other Club member this past month. She always makes sure to do her homework and even after that, Madison sticks around to read or play games. Her favorite game is Spot It! which she’s crazy good at!



Artist of the Month

Hannah S., age 11

Hannah is a constant and joyful presence in the Art Room where she enjoys running her own store and making all sorts of crafts. She is eager to help staff when needed and always shares supplies with other members. 


Triple Play MVP

Loden W., age 7

Even at his young age, Loden is a model presence for Triple Play activities with his positive sportsmanship and enthusiasm for gym games. Loden enjoys playing in the Dodgeball League and his team, the Doggers, are currently in 2nd place!



STEM Superstar

Emily A., age 11

Emily has always been actively engaged in STEM activities while at the Club, but even more so this past month. She spends lots of time working on coding and was even able to use the 3D printer to bring her own designs to life!



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Anacortes Boys & Girls Club Hires New Teen Director


Tori Grace (middle), poses with Teen members of the Anacortes Club, Kyle Thomas, Geoffrey Hamilton, Kendall Denman and Mason Blackburn (in front). Photo by Foxlight

The start of the school year also brings with it a new Teen Coordinator for the Anacortes Boys & Girls Club. With longtime coordinator Noah Richards leaving to fulfill other interests, Tori Grace has been hired to move into the role. 

“The Anacortes Teen Program needed a candidate that could connect with teens while also encouraging them to reach their full potential. We are excited to have Tori step into this role and bring her past experience to the Club and really help grow this program into something great.” said Club Director Taylor Bannister. 

Tori has worked for the Anacortes Club since January of 2016 as a Youth Development Professional, with an emphasis in Teen Programming. A graduate of Anacortes High School, she attended both Skagit Valley and Whatcom Community College. Tori has 5 years of experience working with youth, namely as a Leader with Young Life here in Anacortes. 

“Tori has the unique advantage of having had time to build relationships with current Club teens as well as other teens in the Anacortes Community through her work with Young Life” said Bannister, “we feel that that experience will lend itself extremely well to this position with the Anacortes Club.”

Tori has expressed her excitement to work with the Anacortes Teen Program as it has seen impressive growth over the last few years. The Club sees about twenty teens on a daily basis and around forty teens during their After-Hour Program on Friday nights.

“I’m looking forward this,” said Tori. “The Club is a fun, safe place for teens to come to and I’m excited to be a part of something like this. I really enjoy building relationships with the teens and being involved in the community with them.”

Her first task will be helping mentor youth through the Club’s annual Youth of the Year Program. Youth of the Year is the premier recognition program for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Youth ages 14-18 are invited to compete in this prestigious competition, earning scholarships and accolades through each step of the process. For more information on this great program and ways to participate, call the Anacortes Club at 360.419.5526. 

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Youth of the Month – October 2016

Boy of the Month

Braedyn P., age 7

Braedyn has been a daily attendee of the Club since September 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He enjoys playing Triple Play games such as dodgeball, Three Pin Soccer, and Rainbow Tag. Braedyn also spends time in the games room and learning center and always has a positive attitude with whatever he does. 

Braedyn P.

Girl of the Month

Shelly E., age 11

Shelly attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since July 2015. Shelly is an excellent role model for all of our Club members and is eager to help staff whenever she can. She spends most of her time in the art room but also enjoys gym games and Power Hour.


Shelly E.

Teen of the Month

Jayden B., age 15

Jayden has been a Club member since 2014 and attends Anacortes High School. Jayden is a fun and lively presence in the teen center. He is eager to help staff with their activities and is always up for whatever programming is ongoing. Jayden has also shown himself to be pretty good at ping pong too. 



Homework All-Star

Emri V., age 8

Emri is a daily presence in the learning center, always working on her homework and Khan Academy. She currently has earned more Power Hour points than any other Club member. Way to go Emri!



Artist of the Month

Ada L., age 9

Ada spends much of her time at the Club in the art room. She enjoys painting, coloring, chalk pastels, and other craft projects. Ada does much to help staff in the art room including cleaning and helping younger members with their projects. 


Triple Play MVP

Makhi O., age 9

Makhi is a constant presence in the gym during Triple Play. He loves participating in everything from bump to backboard dodgeball, chaos ball to chair soccer, keys to the castle to battleship. Makhi knows that positive sportsmanship and physical fitness are good traits to have.



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Anacortes Boys & Girls Club Tours SeaBear Wild Salmon


Photo by FoxLight Photography

The Anacortes Boys & Girls Club recently partnered with SeaBear Wild Salmon for a day of learning and fun. On Friday, July 22nd, Anacortes Club members made the 1.5 mile trek on foot from their Clubhouse to the SeaBear facilities in Anacortes. There, members were greeted by SeaBear staff and split into four teams: Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Keta Salmon. Each group was able to visit different stations around the business. Stations included Salmon Fish Print Bags, Salmon Fish Toss, Fish Packaging and a fun photo booth! At the end of the visit, Club members and SeaBear staff came together for an ice cream social and group photo. Members were also treated to goodie bags featuring fun SeaBear goodies a well as donations from UPS. The Anacortes Boys & Girls Club would like to especially thank Trisha Bowen and Melissa Brockett for putting the trip together, and thanks to all of the staff at SeaBear for the incredible experience.

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