Youth of the Month – May 2017

Boy of the Month

Hunter P., age 11

Hunter has been attending the Boys & Girls Club since 2016 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He is a program pro, attending everything including Power Hour, Triple Play, DIY STEM and more. Hunter recently volunteered at the Anacortes Club’s BE GREAT Breakfast. 

Hunter P

Girl of the Month

Neraeah B., age 9

Neraeah is a student at Mt. Erie Elementary and has been attending the Club since January of 2016. Neraeah is at the Club almost everyday of the week. Her favorite Club activities include the Art Room, Healthy Habits, and Drama Matters.


Neraeah B

Teen of the Month

Kandyce B., age 15

Kandyce attends Anacortes High School and is a longtime Club member, having joined in 2011. She is enjoys participating in Keystone Club and has taken a leading role in their blanket-making project. Kandyce is a fun and lively presence in the Teen Center and at Teen Nights.


Kandyce B

Homework All-Star

Lawrence B., age 9

Lawrence likes coming to the Club so he can get his homework done during Power Hour. He is super excited for this month’s Power Hour Store, where he’ll get a chance to spend all the points he earned doing his work.


Lawrence B

Artist of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin stood out this month in the Art Room for his unique and creative projects. Austin makes sure to follow instructions and show respect to staff and volunteers.

Austin M

Triple Play MVP

Samone P., age 10

Samone loves playing all kind of gym games. Her favorite games are Chair Soccer, Dr. Dodgeball and Four Square. 


Samone P

STEM Superstar

Trevor L., age 12

Trevor has been a coding machine this month. He never missing a Coding Hour and always makes sure to try new programs that he can learn about.


Trevor L

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Youth of the Month – April 2017

Boy of the Month

Erick W., age 9

Erick has been a Club member since 2013 and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He is one of the most active Club members, participating in everything from Triple Pin Soccer League to Power Hour. Lately, Erick has been spending a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding.


Girl of the Month

Abby C., age 8

A student at Mt. Erie Elementary, Abby has only recently joined the Club this past fall. She has been quick to make an impression at the Club in her short time though with her eagerness to help staff and participate in different programs. Abby always makes sure to include her peers and clean up after herself too.



Teen of the Month

Titus J., age 13

Titus attends Anacortes Middle School and has been a Club member since he was just nine years old. He enjoys to play gym games with the younger members and serves as a great role model for them. Titus also helps with Keystone Club, Career Launch, and other teen programs. 



Homework All-Star

Tyler M., age 8

Tyler makes sure to go get his homework done during Power Hour every day. Even though he wants to spend time in the gym or the gamesroom, Tyler remembers to get his work done first.



Artist of the Month

Jaylee W., age 6

Jaylee enjoys spends lots of her time in the Art Room creating cool new crafts and creations. Her favorite type of art is painting, especially finger painting.


Triple Play MVP

Xavier J., age 8

Xavier consistently has one of the highest attendances in Triple Play activities. He enjoys everything including soccer, awesome ball, dodgeball and ice cream tag.



STEM Superstar

Austin L., age 9

Austin spends a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding. He also attends DIY STEM activities including Lego Challenges, Inventor Quests, and more.



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Burlington Summer Breeze

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Youth of the Month – March 2017

Boy of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin attends Fidalgo Elementary School and this is his first year attending the Club. He is a programming pro, spending his time in the learning center, Art Room, gamesroom, gym, and anything in between. Austin always has a positive attitude and trying new activities and games.


Girl of the Month

Jessica F., age 8

Jessica has been a Club member since 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. She loves spending time with her friends in the Art Room and working on her homework in Power Hour. Jessica is always eager to help staff and makes sure to include everyone when playing.



Teen of the Month

Olivia Y., age 15

Olivia is a diligent member of Keystone Club and is a constant presence in the teen center. Olivia has been a Club member since 2009 and attends Anacortes High School. She always brings her fun, bright, and witty attitude to the Club.



Homework All-Star

Dylan G., age 12

Dylan is extremely diligent at getting his work done. He also spends time in the learning center reading whenever he can and on the computers playing educational games.



Artist of the Month

Soleil R., age 12

Soleil is a daily presence in the Art Room and is always eager to help staff and other members. She recently had an art piece win in the Anacortes Art Contest and is currently competing in a regional contest. 


Triple Play MVP

Taryn M., age 6

Taryn is always eager to spend some time in the gym playing Triple Play games. She is fearless when it comes to competing with the older Club members and always remembers to have fun.



STEM Superstar

Marley B., age 10

Although she doesn’t normally spend time in the computer lab, Marley has been a regular attendee more recently. That is because she has been intrigued with the Clubs 3D design programs. Marley recently made herself a narwhal.  



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Open the Door, Take the Tour

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Youth of the Month – February 2017

Boy of the Month

Fletcher O., age 12

Fletcher joined the Club in 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He has grown into one of the Clubs best role models for positive sportsmanship and fair play. Fletchers favorite activities are STEM and Triple Play. He even helped his team win the Fall Dodgeball League.


Girl of the Month

Aniyah H., age 8

Aniyah attends Island View Elementary and has been a Club member since 2014. She spends lots of time in the Art Room working on wonderful projects and creations. Aniyah is great at getting her homework done during Power Hour and even fitting in some gym time.



Teen of the Month

Abby Y., age 13

Abby has been a huge influence within Keystone Club, helping with their weekly meetings, volunteering projects, and fundraising efforts. Abby has been a Club member since 2009 and attends Anacortes Middle School. This is her first year in the teen center and has even made it to a few teen nights.



Homework All-Star

Trevor L., age 12

Trevor attends Power Hour most days out of the week to get a head start on his homework. He is great a getting his work done and makes sure to have some fun while doing it too.



Artist of the Month

Mason H., age 10

Mason spends lots of time in the Art Room with his friends making projects and working on his drawings. He enjoys coloring Pokemon and creating his own scenes. Mason always stays late to help clean the room at the end of the day. 


Triple Play MVP

Tyler M., age 8

When he is not in the learning center, Tyler is in the gym playing Triple Play games. He loves every game from tag to baseball, soccer to capture the flag. Tyler never takes the games too seriously, and to him, its all about the fun.



STEM Superstar

Rhiannon P., age 11

When Coding is up on the daily schedule, Rhiannon makes sure staff keeps to it. She is a constant presence in the computer lab and has been working on developing her own tech skills.


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Free STEM workshops for Teens in Burlington

Announcing Free STEM workshops for Teens at the Burlington Public Library

The Burlington Public Library and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County have partnered to offer free programs every Monday for Teens 13yrs and up. Every 2nd & 4th Monday will feature STEM specific projects led by Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, Director of STEM Initiatives, John Garman. For more information, contact John Garman at or the Library at 360-755-0760.

BPL Teen Mondays
Burlington Public Library (820 E. Washington Ave. Burlington)
Free activities for Teens ages 13 & up
First Mondays, 4-5:30pm
March 6: Escape Room
April 3: Get Poetic with Poetry Crafts
May 1: Duct Tape Crafts

Third Mondays, 4-5:30pm: Anime Club
2nd and 4th Mondays, 4-5pm: STEM
With Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, Director of STEM Initiatives, John Garman
February 27: DIY Rock Candy
March 13: Breaking the Tension (testing surface tension with Mentos and Coke)
March 27: 3D Design for printing
April 10: Dissecting the Tulip
April 24: App Lab (designing tablet apps)
May 8: Digital Photography Class
May 22: Building Challenge, Towers

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Youth of the Month – January 2017

Boy of the Month

Luka D., age 6

Luka joined the Club this past summer and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He has been a welcome addition to the Club in his first year with high attendance, high participation in programs, and always having a positive attitude. Luka’s favorite game is bumper pool which he is much better than staff at.


Girl of the Month

Brianna F., age 8

Brianna attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since February 2016. She enjoys her time at the Club working in the art room and playing games with her friends. Brianna is great at listening to staff and always including others.



Teen of the Month

Kara G.., age 16

Kara is a daily presence in the Teen Center where she works on her homework, plays cards, or helps with Keystone Club. Kara attends Anacortes High and has been a Club member since 2016.



Homework All-Star

Madison J., age 9

Ada goes to Power Hour everyday but she also brings her friends to the learning center too. She is great at keeping on task with her homework but also making it fun and lighthearted.



Artist of the Month

Alaea C., age 11

Alaea has been extremely helpful for our Art Room Coordinator this past month. She has been helping with cleaning, younger members, and some bigger projects. Alaea has also spent lots of time making her own unique artwork. 


Triple Play MVP

Joshua F., age 10

Joshua had the highest Triple Play attendance of any Club member this past month. He was also a key member of the Dodgeball League Champions, DFC Barcelona, making some great plays to help them win it all.



STEM Superstar

Abby L., age 11

Whenever it is time for coding or computer lab time, Abby is always the first one to get there. She enjoys the challenges that come with STEM activities as well as working with staff to get things done.



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Volunteer for Clubs Inspires Youth with the Art of Photography

Richard Raymond started volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County in early October this year. With the expansion of the Clubs into the Mount Baker & LaVenture middle schools, volunteer help is greatly appreciated and adds to the richness of the Club experience. Richard immediately began teaching photography at the Mount Baker Club. Fortunately, the Clubs had already purchased camera equipment through a grant from Best Buy. Because camera’s are Nikon DSLRs, it gives the members quite a range of control over their photos. Club members start out by learning the very basic workings of the cameras, then work on composition and choosing subject matter. 

Mentored by well-known photographer, Lee Mann, Richard loves to share about his own experience of practicing photography out in nature. He reminisced about a day on the middle fork, Nooksack river, where he spotted an eagle on a low crag. He was able to sneak up fairly close, but eventually the great bird took flight. “When an eagle takes off to fly they drop at first because they are so large. The force of the wind from it’s wings took my hat off.” That was a great shot, but, he pointed out that if his wife, who was watching from afar, would have had a camera, she would have had the better photo. He then bought his wife a camera and now they enjoy the sport together. 

Richard was recently awarded “Rookie Volunteer of the Year” at a Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County awards event. “I think he was so surprised by the award, but it is very well deserved,” says Tammy Findlay, the Club’s Director of Marketing & Stewardship. “I’m so impressed with how Richard leads youth. This program gives them a great sense of accomplishment. Club members are taking pride in their work, and striving to improve and learn. They are engaged and eager. Richard’s passion for photography is inspiring.”

Richard just finished up a class at the Mount Baker Club and is now teaching a new group at the LaVenture Club which will run for 8 weeks. Then he will be back at Mount Baker for an Advanced Photography session with 5 Club members from the original class. They will cover the inner workings of the camera more in-depth, and advanced settings, as well as new photography techniques.

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Draper Valley Farms continues Healthy Lifestyles support for Clubs

As part of its commitment to enrich the lives of children in the community, Draper Valley Farms has awarded a $7,500 grant to help Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County provide at-risk children a foundation for achieving healthy lifestyles.

Through its Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, the Draper Valley grant will fund the Boys & Girls Clubs programs, with special focus on Healthy Lifestyles. The Healthy Lifestyles initiative — one of three Priority Outcomes at the Club — engages youth in constructive learning activities that stress the importance of healthy eating, maintaining a balanced diet, practicing self-control when making food choices and decisions, and the importance of pursuing and maintaining habits that are constructive. The other Priority Outcomes programs focus on academic success and good character and citizenship.

“As we are serving at capacity (averaging more than 100 children per day), we see an incredible demand in Mount Vernon for positive, structured programming after-school and during the summer, and we deliver the best programs, with incredible results,” said Angela Freeberg, area director in Mount Vernon. “Partnering with Draper Valley, and our other community supporters, we are able to bring that impact to the kids who need us.”

“For many years, the Boys and Girls Club of Skagit County has been a strong educational and community partner in Mount Vernon and throughout the county,” said Mark Knight, Draper Valley Farms’ director of operations. “We are committed to making a difference in the community through partnerships like this, and proud to continue our support so that area children, including those of some of our own associates, learn the value of a healthy lifestyle.”

As Boys & Girls Clubs CEO Ron McHenry explains, “With the support of Draper Valley Farms, there is a great opportunity to continue teaching our youth about what goes into their food, what is involved in local farming, and what impact a great local business is able to have on the community. Going beyond the short chats about eating a balanced diet, this type of support from Draper Valley enables us to talk forcefully about why our priority outcomes programs matter in the lives of our youth, and in our community.

Healthy Lifestyles ultimately deals with choices and commitments, and what those choices can help the program accomplish. “When we ask our kids what it means to commit to health, they come to understand that the question is much more than just a discussion of food. As we center each of our Club activities to be fun and engaging, but also formative, in terms of their character, skills, and appreciation of the world around them, we establish the focus on how all three outcomes are united, and can lead to incredible results.”

Operating after-school each day, all six Clubs located in Anacortes, La Conner, Mount Vernon, and Sedro Woolley, are seeing incredible numbers since the start of the school year, according to McHenry. 

“The support from Draper Valley Farms is a great example of how the partnership between local businesses and the Clubs serve the youth, create the opportunity for collaboration, and enable much greater discussion about the different jobs, skills, and demands there are throughout the community.”

About the Boys and Girls Clubs of Skagit County

At the Boys and Girls Clubs of Skagit County, our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. Our core belief is that each of our four clubs provides our members a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals, life-enhancing programs, character development experiences, and hope and opportunity. The Clubs serve more than 1,600 youth at facilities in Anacortes, La Conner, Mount Vernon and Sedro-Woolley. To learn more about the Boys and Girls Clubs, visit

About Draper Valley Farms

Draper Valley Farms has been a Northwest tradition since 1935, and today we remain singularly focused on providing carefully raised, fresh, local chicken to the Northwest. Our brands include DRAPER VALLEY FARMS® organic chicken, RANGER® free-range chicken and DRAPER VALLEY FARMS® no-antibiotics-ever chicken. With farms in Washington and Oregon, a feed mill in Washington and our processing plant in Mount Vernon, Washington, our chicken is raised, locally processed and locally available. To learn more, visit

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