Diplomas 2 Degrees

Dream College

Teen Members creating a fun search engine to find the perfect college to further their academic success.

Teen Members create the perfect college.

During the final spring Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) workshop last week at the Mount Vernon Club, Teen Members concluded the program by creating their dream college. They thought about all the activities and programs that would be available to them at their college, and described the perfect campus location. Teens then had to conduct a search on the internet to see if they could find a college that met at least 80% of their criteria. While d2D is not in session, Teen Members are still encouraged to turn in bi-weekly grade reports and keep the Teen Coordinator updated on their progress.

Diplomas to Degrees takes place every other Friday from 5:30pm – 6:00pm and there are four workshops throughout the school year


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d2D Spring Workshop

Teen Members modeling academic success by using the tools given to them.

Teen Members modeling academic success by using the skills the learn in d2D.

During the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) spring workshop, Donovan Tate from Admissions at Skagit Valley College came to the club to have a Q&A session for Teen Members and parents. 

Workshop participants discussed three key topics: academic achievement, criteria for acceptance, and expenses & financial aid. Tate discussed the typical admissions criteria and process for colleges and universities, and provided parents of our younger members with College Bound Scholarships information. Tate also explained the Running Start program and FAFSA. Teens were excited to have Tate as their special “in” to Skagit Valley College and greatly appreciated his coming to the workshop.

Diplomas to Degrees takes place on Fridays from 5:30pm – 6:00pm, with four workshops throughout the school year.

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d2D Spring Workshop

diplomas2DEGREES Spring Workshop coming this week.

d2D spring workshop coming this week.

The Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) spring workshop will be held during the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club March Family Plus Night on Friday March 15th, 2013. The objectives of the workshop are to help Club Members and their parents/guardians understand the importance of academic achievement and to allow Members and their families to become aware of various funding sources for higher education.

Diplomas to Degrees takes place on Fridays from 5:30pm – 6:00pm.

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Lessons in College Financial Aid


Teen members research the different types of financial aid.

During Diplomas to Degrees (d2D), teen members at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club learned what it means to be a recipient of financial aid. Most full-time students in college today receive some type of financial aid to help them afford college. However, some students do not know the difference between the varying types of financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans and work study. Teen members had to research each type then conclude which type of aid constitutes a grant versus ones they would have to pay back.

Diplomas to Degrees takes place on Fridays from 5:30pm – 6:00pm.

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Diplomas to Degrees

diplomas 2 Degrees in Sedro-Woolley.

Diplomas to Degrees in Sedro-Woolley.

Teens in the Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) program at the Sedro-Woolley Teen Center focus on setting goals and meeting them to accomplish what they want in the future. During d2D, teens complete homework for critical classes and discuss what classes they should take in the future so they meet or exceed the requirements for the college degrees they want.

For example, if a teen were interested in earning an English degree in college they should take some AP English classes in High School, while a teen who is more interested in math or science will want to take as many math or science classes as they can. The teens are enjoying the goal setting and pace setting to get them on track for graduation and their future careers.

If you are interested in being a guest speaker for Diplomas to Degrees, please contact Teen Center Coordinator Patrick at (360) 419-5525 or at patrickd@bgcskagit.org.

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Teens Compare Universities

Mount Vernon Teens compare Post-Secondary Schools

During Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) this week at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club, Teen Members discussed what type of post-secondary school fits them the best. Teens compared ten different schools including, SVC, UW, WSU, Western, Eastern, Central, Harvard, West Point Academy, ITT Tech and Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

Teens created a chart that compared tuition, average dorm cost, student to teacher ratio and, most importantly, degrees that are offered at each of these schools. Teens then discussed the value of small student to teacher ratios and the opportunities for their degree preference at each school.

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Career Launch Visits Whatcom Community College

Teens learn about different educational opportunities.

It was raining when the Sedro-Woolley Teens piled into the van for a field trip to Whatcom Community College as an installment to their Career Launch Program. Their tour guide introduced them to the various programs that they offer and explained the enrollment process.

The tour guide took the group through several buildings which showcased the different programs and opportunities available, such as Associates in Arts, the Sciences, University Transfer, Healthcare, Business, Criminal Justice, Technology, and Early Childhood Education. The guide also reviewed and explained how to enroll in the running start program for high school students. Since the tour took place during final exams, they also had the opportunity to observe a nursing class in action.

If you would like more information about Career Launch at the Sedro-Woolley Teen Center, please contact Teen Center Coordinator Patrick Dougher at (360) 419-5525 or pdougher@bgcskagit.org .

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Teens Visit NW Career & Tech Academy

Mount Vernon Teens go to NW Career & Tech Academy

The Mount Vernon Diplomas to Degrees (d2D) program offers quarterly workshops to Teen Members and parents. As part of our Fall Workshop, Teen Members visited the Northwest Career and Technical College. Teens learned about available programs that can help build their college resumes such as Running Start at Skagit Valley Community College, and the Career & Tech Program offered by Northwest Career and Technical Academy.   

Teens Members also learned about different types of higher education and what each can offer, as well as valuable information about early college planning.

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MV diplomas2Degrees

MV Teens actively participating in d2D

The goal of this week’s diplomas2Degrees (d2D) is to become aware of the types of individuals who might serve as potential mentors and to understand the various ways mentors can help members in the college search process. Teen members created a flip chart that identified “who can help me” and “how they can help me”. After this activity, teens discussed ways to approach potential mentors and enlist their help as wells as how to be motivated to seek out mentors in the first place. 

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MV d2D – Career Exercises

The goal of this week’s diplomas2Degrees (d2D) was to recognize career groupings and the type of work associated with them as well as identifying individual interests, work values and the levels of education needed for specific jobs.

Teen members had to discover what type of career cluster they fit into best depending on their strengths. Once they identified the clusters and the most important work value in that cluster, they had to give examples of careers in that cluster. Teen members would then share what they would like to do as a career and then add those careers to the clusters.

For the second part of the lesson, teen members had to guess what the minimum educational attainment should be for their career. They then had to guess the average yearly salary depending on the educational attainment. Finally, they had to look up what the actual average salary of their dream career is today.

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