Project Learn in Anacortes

Music Monday

Club Members make their own drums during Music Monday

The Anacortes Club is bursting at the seams!  There is so much activity going on during Power Hour.  Students come in to do their homework, read, or play an educational game.  On October 25th we had our first Power Hour store, where students trade in points they’ve earned by participating in Power Hour and special Project Learn Clubs, for prizes.

Speaking of special Project Learn Clubs, students can choose to participate in Monday Music, Club Tech, Math Games, Lego Club, and/or Club Zoom to help earn extra points outside of Power Hour.  In Monday Music, we are learning hands-on about sound and the way it is produced, having beginning piano lesson, or making simple musical instruments. Last week the Club’s Teen Intern, Hunter Durand, demonstrated guitar methods and played a riff that he had recently written. This week we created our own hand drums using old salt containers.

In Club Zoom we had fun with a Halloween theme for the month of October.  We made two types of slime; one with gelatin that was pretty gross looking and the other with colored glitter glue that was bouncy.  We also made shrunken heads out of apples that we carved faces in.  After carving them, they were placed in salt to help with the shrinking process.

Project Learn activities happen at the Anacortes Club daily between 4:00 and 6:00pm.

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Week One Recap

Olympic Week Soccer

Olympic Week soccer.

This week at the La Conner Club, Members took part in Olympic Week. On Monday, Members created flags and learned about the Opening Ceremonies by participating in Olympic Trivia. Tuesday was the official Olympic Day in the Town of La Conner. To honor the event, mock summer games were held. Balloon Taekwondo, Soccer, and Torch Run Relay put Members’ athleticism, cooperation, and sportsmanship to the test.
In the tech lab Members took part in Fraboom’s Drawing Academy.  This week, the instructors taught Members how to draw beavers in a live, fully interactive classroom setting. Fraboom is the world’s first live interactive online children’s museum. Children can attend real-time classes featuring live teachers, play games, watch cartoons, collect points, create a customized brain character and participate in a variety of interactive activities meant to entertain while stimulating the mind.  La Conner Club Members gain Gold Level Access for free during the summer session.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, 12 Members went to the Regal Barkley 16 IMAX & RPX Cinema located in Bellingham, Washington as part of the Regal Summer Movie Express. Thanks to a generous grant through Regal Cinemas and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, La Conner Club Members get to see pre-determined G/PG movies for free all throughout the summer. This week’s movies were The Three Stooges and Ice Age: Continental Drift.
Week 2’s program theme is Game Show Island.   
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Caption This! Media Safety Contest

La Conner Teens will be flexing their creative muscles as they come up with catchy, informative slogans for the “Caption This!” Contest. This contest, supported by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s media safety partner Sprint, is designed to give club teens a chance to come up with a creative slogan to encourage other teens to think about important media topics.

Our teens are going to be asked to – in 10 words or less! create a slogan that drives awareness in three important areas related to internet and media safety: Mobile Safety, Online Privacy, and Social Networking.

Teens who participate in this awesome experience could win the ultimate grand prize of having their winning slogan unveiled at the upcoming National Keystone Conference in Atlanta, Georgia where they will be given $1000 to attend with their Teen Programming Advisor. As well as a $500 gift card to reward their creativity and thought. 

Teens have until January 15th to enter, so hurry up and get creative!

You can learn about the Caption This! Contest or more teen programming here

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NetSmartz Program Completed in Mount Vernon


NetSmartz Program completed in Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Members have all completed the NetSmartz Internet safety program.

NetSmartz has come to a close with all of our youth members and teens, completing the tests with perfect scores! NetSmartz is an Internet safety course that all members were required to participate in if they wanted to have access to computers for homework, activities or games. The Mount Vernon Club will hold another NetSmartz course in January for the new semester. 

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Mount Vernon: NetSmartz

Mount Vernon Program Highlight: NetSmartz

Mount Vernon members learn the importance of internet safety through NetSmartz curriculum.

Youth & Teen members at the Mount Vernon Club have been busy learning about internet safety through our NetSmartz curriculum. Through a 30-minute interactive game featuring Clicky and his dog Router, members between the ages six through nine have been learning about the importance of password safety and the need for adult permission whenever they decide to go online.

For our members, ages 10 through 12, they have had to watch several videos on the NSTeens website that covers everything from internet safety skills and cyber-bullying, to the dangers of social media.

For our Teen members in order to earn the privilege to use the internet for homework or fun, they are required to take a 15 question test. All teens are required to pass the test with a perfect score; otherwise they are required to watch additional videos on the NSTeens website.

So far we have had 12 Teen members take and pass the test with a perfect score, as well as, just over 30 youth members who have completed the NetSmartz program. All of our members are learning how to communicate safely while online and utilize strong internet safety skills.


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