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LC Open for Mid-Winter Break

Join us in celebrating National Boys & Girls Club Week.

The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will offer programing during mid-winter break from March 3rd-7th. The Club will be open every day from 12:00-6:00pm and will featured a wide array of fun and educational Targeted Programs including:

  • Club Tech: Clay tech, introduction into stop-motion animation
  • Reading Roadtrip: Members will dive into short stories from around the world while dining on the snack inspired from that story’s regional cuisine.
  •  Extreme Capture the Flag: Members will square off against Club Staff in an epic battle of cardiovascular excellence.
  • Science Club & ImageMakers: Photography Club
  • And much more!

Club Members will receive a lunch, and two snacks during these extended programming days.  
The cost for programming during mid-winter break is $50 per family for a week pass. This offer is available to all students of the La Conner School District.

For more information about mid-winter break  or other programming at the La Conner Boys & Girls Club, contact Club Director Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at (360) 466-3672 or email at


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Volcanic Eruption in MV

MV Members experimenting with vinegar and backing soda in Science Club.

MV Members experimenting with vinegar and backing soda in Science Club.

Members at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club participate in a weekly Science Club activity run by our Volunteer, Lacey Stuart. This week Members explored the topic of volcanoes. They learned about how a volcano comes to be, why they erupt, and where active volcanoes can still be found. After their discovery period, Members created a volcanoes during the Fine Arts Program with vinegar and baking soda.

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La Conner Kids Explore Rockets

Science Club Members had fun with Skittles this week in honor of the Seahawks and their upcoming participation in the Superbowl.  Members hypothesized about which different liquids would make the Skittles’ candy coating dissolve faster and even saw the edible ink letters float to the surface.  

La Conner kids then blasted off to the moon by exploring gravity and learning more about forces while continuing our engineering theme.  We discussed and saw examples of how forces and gravity play a key role with objects, both here and in space.  Members ended the day by building their very own soda straw rockets and and testing out their designs in a club countdown.

Science Club continues in February on Wednesdays at 3pm.  If you are interested in signing your member up for this great program, contact Education Coordinator, Kurt Wambaugh at 360-466-3672.

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Science Club Raises Engineers

Science Club LC

Members creating super golf towers using newspaper, tape, and mad engineering skills.

On Wednesday, January 15, Members their engineering hats on for Science Club. They talked about what engineers do, and analyzed all the buildings, houses and other structures around them. To bring the discussion close to home, Members learned about the work done on the Skagit River Bridge. Members discussed different techniques used by engineers to solve structural problems, and how engineers utilize a variety of materials.

Using the knowledge they gained from the discussion, Club Members designed their own Super Golf Towers using newspaper and tape.  They had to think of different ways to design a tower while remembering shapes, structures, materials and elements of a building and support systems. Later, they put their towers to the ultimate test by seeing if their towers could withstand the weight of a golf ball. All were successful!

Science Club runs Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Every session, Members have the opportunity to explore, create, experiment, build and have fun. If you are interested in getting your child involved, please contact Education Coordinator, Kurt Wambaugh or Program Director, Annie Webb at (360) 466-3672

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LC Science Club Gets Slimy

LC Science Club explores the differences between solids and liquids

LC Science Club explores the differences between solids and liquids

On Friday, December 6th, La Conner Club Members had their first session of Science Club. Members started the lesson by sharing what they liked about science and what kinds of projects they would like Science Club to do this year. With all of their excitement, it is sure to be a fun year in the science lab.

The first project involved making slime or “oobleck” out of cornstarch and water, giving Members a chance to investigate the differences between solids and liquids. Members experimented with applying pressure to the substance, and shared observations regarding how materials react when blended together.

The group enjoyed getting to feel, touch, squish and play with the oobleck as a group. With the first Science Club session filled with smiles, laughter, and learning, Members cant wait until next week to see whats next.

Science Club will take place every Friday in December and will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays in January when we return from winter break. If you are interested in finding out more about what we are doing or getting your member involved, please contact Club Director, Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at (360) 466-3672 x23.

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Project Learn in Anacortes

Music Monday

Club Members make their own drums during Music Monday

The Anacortes Club is bursting at the seams!  There is so much activity going on during Power Hour.  Students come in to do their homework, read, or play an educational game.  On October 25th we had our first Power Hour store, where students trade in points they’ve earned by participating in Power Hour and special Project Learn Clubs, for prizes.

Speaking of special Project Learn Clubs, students can choose to participate in Monday Music, Club Tech, Math Games, Lego Club, and/or Club Zoom to help earn extra points outside of Power Hour.  In Monday Music, we are learning hands-on about sound and the way it is produced, having beginning piano lesson, or making simple musical instruments. Last week the Club’s Teen Intern, Hunter Durand, demonstrated guitar methods and played a riff that he had recently written. This week we created our own hand drums using old salt containers.

In Club Zoom we had fun with a Halloween theme for the month of October.  We made two types of slime; one with gelatin that was pretty gross looking and the other with colored glitter glue that was bouncy.  We also made shrunken heads out of apples that we carved faces in.  After carving them, they were placed in salt to help with the shrinking process.

Project Learn activities happen at the Anacortes Club daily between 4:00 and 6:00pm.

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Club Zoom in Anacortes

Club Zoom

Club Members experiment with Balloons in Club Zoom

The Anacortes Club has been having a lot of fun with our new program Club Zoom! We’ve explored paper roll cars with paper wheels on a ramp the first week where we discussed the importance of gravity to move the cars down a slope.  We also talked about drag and how important it was to make the wheels turn freely and with a small contact surface so the car wouldn’t slow down.  Last week we talked about fighting against the effects of gravity with our balloon rockets to the moon.  We discussed the need for thrust to get the rocket moving upward.  As the strings began to stretch after much use, the students had a chance to experience the effects of drag as the balloons did not shoot straight up, but began to ascend in very interesting patterns. This week we will be making hovercrafts with CDs and balloon energy.  We will talk about many elements of aerodynamics including drag, lift, thrust, and gravity. Club Zoom meets each Friday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00 with Education Coordinator Becky Rice.

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Anacortes Power Hour

Anacortes Power Hour

Anacortes Club Members work on homework in Power Hour

Power Hour at the Anacortes Club is in full swing already with many students coming in to do school work, read, or play games.  We have restructured our room to make it more use-friendly – complete with two couches!  New this year also is our upcoming reading assessment to help get a better understanding of each child that comes into the Power Hour room for help. We have many things planned this year to give opportunities for learning and growth in unconventional ways through playing games and using our expanded computer room.

We’ve also started our Club Zoom program which had its first meeting Friday, September 13th.  Twelve students joined in the challenge to make a race car from found objects, thanks to Monica’s art room supply closets. While students feverishly painted their race cars, Club member Izabelle and Education Coordinator Becky Rice put their skills to work gluing wheels on axles as well as car seats and drivers in place.  The race was on as students took their cars to the race track (downhill racing, of course) to see their creations in motion.  Next week – a race to the moon!

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Craft-A-Palousa Week

Members engaging their creative minds during Craft-A-Palousa Week.

Members engaging their creative minds during Craft-A-Palousa Week.

Craft-A-Palousa Week at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club has been quite productive with 76 youth and Teen Members participating. Members created a variety of art projects along with crafty Triple Play Daily Challenges during Boot Camp. 

Members in the Power Hour Summer Reading Program and Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program have reached their first benchmark this week. Most Members have completed their first chapter book or have reached the goal of five creative writing tasks. Members earn points as they progress toward their benchmarks which they can then redeem at the end of the Summer Program for an ice cream party.

The theme for Week 4 is Around the World, so bring your sense of adventure as we take a journey to explore the seven continents. 

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Mad Science

Mad Science

Club Members make stratovolcanoes

In Mad Science we have been exploring our Earth, latitude and longitude, structures around the world, and finally, Friday, May 24th, was VOLCANO SCIENCE.  We started by making models of stratovolcanoes.  During this time, we talked about the different types of volcanoes around the world – volcanoes on land and in the ocean.  We talked about the different types of lava that come from these volcanoes.  When we got back together later in the day, we did some experiments.  The first was of low viscosity lava (runny) that resulted in the flat basalt fields.  We used vinegar, dish soap and food coloring mixed together.  We added a bit of baking soda and watched the fun.  The next experiment was typical of the Hawaiian volcanoes, with a similar result as the first, but with the lava being thicker and oozing down the sides.  The third was like a stratovolcano, using Alka Seltzer tablets and a little water in film canisters.  It was hard to anticipate just how much pressure had to build before each one popped!  The last was the most destructive of the volcanoes and what caused Crater Lake to come into existence.  Using shredded paper and flour, we formed a hollow in our mountain.  Placing a balloon in the hollow and covering it up with flour was next.  We blew the balloon up and when it reached the surface, we popped the balloon.  The result was a deep hole with vertical sides.  Many thanks to Megan, Ashlyn and Alberto for their help with set-up, helping other students, and of course, the clean-up after!

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