Youth for Unity

Diversity Party – Egypt

Members engaging in Good Character & Citizenship by learning other cultures.

Members engaging in Good Character & Citizenship by learning about world cultures.

The Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club program Youth for Unity came to a close with another fun Diversity Party. This month we studied the country and culture of Egypt, past and present. Members were most fascinated by the types of food eaten in Middle Eastern culture. Each member was given samples of flat bread, dried fruits, nuts, honey, dates and figs. Over the last few months, members learned about many other cultures in the world and compared and contrasted it to their own. They have also learned how biases and discrimination arise, and how we can stand up against them whenever we see them in our community and society.

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Hieroglyphs at the Club

Teen Members learn about ancient cultures to become even more divers.

Teen Members learn about the diversity of ancient cultures.

During Youth for Unity at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club, Teen Members learned about ancient Egyptian culture. They learned about deities of the time as well as the writing system known as hieroglyphs. Members learned about the Rosetta Stone and how it helped linguists decipher this ancient language. Finally, Members used stamps imprinted with hieroglyphs to write their own names.

Teen Youth for Unity takes place every other Friday from 7:00pm – 7:30pm.

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Pre-Teens and Teens Uniting

Last week during Youth for Unity, Teen Members at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club had an emotional lesson about inclusion during our Pre-Teen Night. Teen Members discussed biases against Pre-Teen Members and vice versa. Both groups of Members came up with lists of positive and negative stereotypes of Teens and Pre-Teens. The different age groups had to work together to make the list, creating a sense of unity and awareness that helped facilitate the need to understand each other.

Youth for Unity takes place on Fridays from 6:30pm – 7:00pm.


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Youth for Unity: Role Models

Youth for Unity

Teen Members distinguish positive terms from negative terms as part of a Youth for Unity activity.

During Youth for Unity, Teen Members at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club identified words or descriptions that they or other people may have been called. Members took turns reading words and the other participants decided whether the term was negative or positive. Teens then discussed the connotations of who uses the term and how it is used. Negative terms were taped to the “Dirty Rock” and the positive terms were stuck to the “Role Model”.

Youth for Unity takes place on Fridays from 6:30pm –  7:00pm.


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Chinese New Years

Members learn about Chinese calligraphy & lantern making.

Members of the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club celebrated the Lunar New Year by learning about Chinese culture in our Youth for Unity program. Youth for Unity is a diversity program that teaches members of all ages how to respect and appreciate other cultures as well as how to combat bias in their schools and community. The last two weeks has been spent preparing for the Lunar New Year and The Year of the Snake by decorating the Learning Center with lanterns and learning how to make the ink and hold the brush for Chinese calligraphy.

Youth for Unity takes place every Friday from 4:30p.m.-5:00p.m.


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Diversity in Bread

Diversity in Bread

Youth for unity is a program where members get the chance to learn and understand about different cultures from around the world. This week at the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club, we discovered diversity in a familiar food type; bread. Members experienced the different tastes and styles in 5 types of bread. They learned that every culture has different breads that are special and delicious. They also learned that each culture acquired the knowledge of how to make bread differently which makes them interesting and unique to the culture just like the people.

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Teen Center celebrates first Christmas

With the Holiday Season upon us and Winter Break coming up quickly the Sedro-Woolley Teen Center decided it was time for some baking and decorating! Our amazing volunteer Sylvia Matterand joined us for two days holiday decorations and activities. While members waited for their turns to create some wonderful confectionaries, they decorated their Christmas Tree with homemade, salt-dough ornaments that they designed and painted themselves. Members also made their own wrapping paper and decorated boxes to put under the tree.

Christmas wasn’t the only Holiday our Teens were thinking about these past few weeks though. The Goodfellas group learned about the meaning behind Chanukah and what the eight candles of the Menorah represent. In Healthy Habits Members discussed their New Year’s Resolutions, which include getting faster and stronger, acquiring a job, and winning a Nobel Prize. In Youth for Unity, Members learned about the origins of Kwanzaa and it’s seven principles as well as how Christmas is celebrated in Japan.

Even though we are only open for three weeks of December the Sedro-Woolley Teens have been busy getting as much Boys & Girls Club fun in before Winter Break rolls around and they have to go two weeks without the Teen Center. How will they survive? Hopefully the presents and lack of school will help! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Sedro-Woolley Teen Center!

To view photos from the Teen’s holiday activities click here.

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