November Youth of the Month

Girl of the Month

Haylee S. Age 8

Haylee is a third grader at Centennial Elementary. She is one of our newest club members only having attended since September. However, in the few months she’s been here she has excelled in every area. She is respectful to everyone around her and participates in a wide array of activities at the club. She has been a joy to have!

Haylee S


Boy of the Month

Oscar M. Age 7

Oscar is a first grader at Little Mountain Elementary.  He has been attending our club since the beginning of summer. In that time he has been an absolute delight. He is known for bringing a smile to the faces of staff with his antics. He has also demonstrated a respectful demeanor and a great attitude and is well liked by peers and staff alike. He looks at everything with wonder and inspires enthusiasm in those around him. 


Oscar M.

Homework All-Star

Sam G. Age 8

Samuel is a third grader at Lincoln Elementary. He has been part of our club since the beginning of summer. In that time he has been a great addition to the club. You can regularly find him outside playing games, in the homework center or in the gamesroom. He has worked hard to accomplish reading goals lately. He has a winning personality and a bright future. 

Samuel G.


Artist of the Month

Kami G. Age 7

Kami is a second grader at Madison Elementary. She has been a part of our club for a year and a half. She has a sweet personality and is a budding artist. Although she’s quite shy, Kami can usually be found working hard on another artistic creation whenever the art room is open. 

Kami G


Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

King N. Age 9

King is a fourth grader at Lincoln Elementary. He has been coming to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club for  almost a year. He has been a great addition to our Club and we have enjoyed having him. He is respectful, demonstrates great sportsmanship and carries himself like a leader, but he can also be fun and goofy. 

King N.

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