October in Anacortes

10 Years

Club Kids and Staff join Angela in celebration

It has been a GREAT month at the Anacortes Club! We started our month with a celebration as Club Director Angela Freeberg celebrated her 10th year working with the Anacortes Club! Angela has been with the Clubs since 2001, starting as a Program Lead at the Mount Vernon Club before becoming Club Director in Anacortes in 2003. We are so thankful for her many years of service!

The Club also celebrated its highest attendance of the 2013-2014 school year during a week of half days. Numbers reached into the high 90’s with Club members and teens attending daily! One of the great things we did during the half days was a program called “Stop Bullying Now” a webisode series provided by HRSA’s National Bullying Prevention Campaign which showed bullying behavior and led into discussions with Club members about the effects of bulling. 45 Club members attended the two sessions of “Stop Bullying Now”. It was great to watch members learn and understand bullying together while talking about their own experiences.

Anacortes will be finishing the month of with our 8th Annual Harvest Party this Saturday from 7:00 to 9:00, then celebrating Halloween at the Club with costumes and fun games. We are looking forward to November to see what new and exciting experiences it will bring.

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