PacMan, Roller Skating & More During 80’s Week

Skagit Skate

Club members take a break from skating to pose for a quick photo.

Although Club members weren’t able to experience the 80’s first hand, they sure enjoyed celebrating 80’s Week at the Club.

During arts & crafts time club members of all ages used fuse beads to make brightly colored designs reminiscent of pixelated 8 bit images from early computers.  Later in the week a group of older members used bright yellow fleece and string to sew their own PacMan plushie.  Most of them underestimated the ease of sewing and got quite tied to the challenge.  To round out flashback crafts, members chose from a variety of colored craft lace to weave their very own Boondoggle key chain using the box stitch.  
In the world of Project Learn, members were most excited about all the Uno!  Card games are always popular at the club but from young to old, all members had a great time playing this colorful game, which was actually invented in the 70’s but became popular in the 80’s.
Triple Play games revolved around retro classics too! Dodgeball, Red Light, Green Light, Red Rover and Scooter Races were all a hit, though the Triple Play Field Trip to Skagit Skate in Burlington was Club members’ favorite way to exercise during 80’s week.
The La Conner Boys & Girls Club will be open all summer long. For more information about Olympic Day, or any of our other fun & engaging summer programming, please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email
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