Parade for Madelyn

Club Members cheer for Madelyn’s Parade

On Monday, Febraury 4th, members at the Anacortes Club took to the street to help the town celebrate a 6 year old girl named Madelyn. Club teens and staff made signs to cheer on the parade walkers, while 20 Club kids cheered and clapped on the sidewalk.

Madelyn recently had her very last chemotherapy treatment after battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since the age of 4. People from all around the Anacortes Community joined in on the parade, walking down mainstreet behind Madelyn’s car, or cheering along the curbside like the Boys & Girls Club kids. It was a great day to be a resident of Anacortes.

To read more about Madelyn’s story and parade, click here.

To see more pictures of the Club kids participation, click here.

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