Perdue Foundation & Draper Valley Farms provides Healthy Lifestyles funding for Clubs

As part of its commitment to enrich the lives of children in the community, Draper Valley Farms has awarded a $10,000 grant to help Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County provide at risk children a foundation for achieving healthy lifestyles.
Through its Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, the Draper Valley grant will fund the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County programs, with special focus on Healthy Lifestyles. The Healthy Lifestyles initiative — one of three Priority Outcomes at the Club — engages youth in constructive learning activities that stress the importance of healthy eating, maintaining a balanced diet, practicing self-control when making food choices and decisions, and the importance of pursuing and maintaining habits that are constructive. The other Priority Outcomes programs focus on Academic Success and Good Character & Citizenship.
“As we are serving at capacity (averaging 110 kids per day), we see an incredible demand in Mount Vernon for positive, structured programming after-school and during the summer, and we deliver the best programs, with incredible results,” said Angela Freeberg, Club Director in Mount Vernon. “Partnering with Draper Valley, and our other community supporters, we are able to bring that impact to the kids who need us.”
“The Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Habits programs are fun and exciting ways to engage children in bettering their wellbeing and their future,” said Mark Knight, director of operations at Draper Valley Farms. “We are proud to support these efforts in Skagit County, which benefit so many, including the children of many of our associates.”
Director Ron McHenry explains, “With the support of Draper Valley Farms, there is a great opportunity to continue teaching our youth about what goes into their food, what is involved in local farming, and what impact a great local business is able to have on the community.” “Going beyond the short chats about eating a balanced diet, this type of support from Draper Valley enables us to talk forcefully about why our priority outcomes programs matter in the lives of our youth, and in our community,” said McHenry. “Healthy Lifestyles ultimately deals with choices and commitments, and what those choices can help us accomplish. When we ask our kids what it means to commit to health, they come to understand that the question is much more than just a discussion of food. As we center each of our Club activities to be fun and engaging, but also formative, in terms of their character, skills, and appreciation of the world around them, we establish the focus on how all three outcomes are united, and can lead to incredible results.”
Operating after-school each day, all four Clubs located in Anacortes, La Conner, Mount Vernon, and Sedro Woolley, are seeing incredible numbers since the start of the school year, according to McHenry. 
The support from Draper Valley & Perdue is a great example of how the partnership between local businesses and the Clubs serve the youth, create the opportunity for collaboration, and enable much greater discussion about the different jobs, skills, and demands there are throughout the community.
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