Progressive Pictures

Progressive Pictures

Club members show off the final result of their creative collaborations.

The La Conner Learning Center was bustling this week with science experiments, board games and Power Hour.  Club members also participated in an activity called Progressive Stories.  In this activity, members first begin a sketch.  After a short time, each sketch is passed to the next member to continue the picture with their own interpretation of what they see occurring.  The pictures continue to travel around the group until the original owner has their drawing back, at which point the sketch is shared with the group.

Youth get a kick out of this activity because there is no telling how the sketches will change and morph.  The end result is usually silly and creative and the progression of the changing ideas can be very surprising!  Progressive Pictures helps Club members develop real world skills in their ability to adapt and appreciate others’ thoughts, while making positive additions of their own.

For more information on activities in the La Conner Learning Center, please contact Program Director Leah Vazquez at (360) 466-3672 or email

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