Project Learn in Anacortes

Music Monday

Club Members make their own drums during Music Monday

The Anacortes Club is bursting at the seams!  There is so much activity going on during Power Hour.  Students come in to do their homework, read, or play an educational game.  On October 25th we had our first Power Hour store, where students trade in points they’ve earned by participating in Power Hour and special Project Learn Clubs, for prizes.

Speaking of special Project Learn Clubs, students can choose to participate in Monday Music, Club Tech, Math Games, Lego Club, and/or Club Zoom to help earn extra points outside of Power Hour.  In Monday Music, we are learning hands-on about sound and the way it is produced, having beginning piano lesson, or making simple musical instruments. Last week the Club’s Teen Intern, Hunter Durand, demonstrated guitar methods and played a riff that he had recently written. This week we created our own hand drums using old salt containers.

In Club Zoom we had fun with a Halloween theme for the month of October.  We made two types of slime; one with gelatin that was pretty gross looking and the other with colored glitter glue that was bouncy.  We also made shrunken heads out of apples that we carved faces in.  After carving them, they were placed in salt to help with the shrinking process.

Project Learn activities happen at the Anacortes Club daily between 4:00 and 6:00pm.

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