Project Learn at Sedro-Woolley

High Yield Learning Activities (HYLAs) are a big hit in our club. It’s one of the many avenues of on-the-spot learning fun that Club Staff employ. HYLAs occur multiple times each day and the possibilities for activities are endless. One of the favorites of the kids is a game called “Watch Me Do.” It’s a game that allows the kids to show off talents they often didn’t know they had by randomly picking slips from a basket and acting out what the slip says in front of a group.  Possible choices include a song and dance, or a physical stretch and dance. Each slip has a combination of something physical and mental that they must figure out how to do together. One slip that might be chosen is “I’m A Little Tea Pot” (above). This game strengthens hand-eye coordination along with the ability to multitask, and it also gets the kids comfortable with performing in front of groups. Points are scored for each round kids participated in, and the kids with the most points gets a special prize.

If you would like a tour of our Club or are interested in volunteering please contact Program Director John Garman at (360) 856-1830.

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