Anacortes Sews Mini Me Dolls

Sewing Club

Sewing Club in Anacortes

The Anacortes Club has been having a great time with High Yield Activites this year! Education Coordinator, Becky Rice has done an amazing job of bringing fun new activities to the Club. Each day Becky leads a different High Yield Activity. On Fridays throughout November we have been working on Mini Me dolls during Sewing Club. Becky has done most of the sewing on the dolls, but each Club Member stuffed their own doll and made their doll’s clothing. Each doll is as unique as its owner, though they share the same face! Members have had an awesome time putting together their dolls and are excited to take them home soon!

Supplies for Sewing Club were generously provided by Fabric Plus in Anacortes.


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