You may have noticed this on some of our banners, in emails, on social media – #skagitpride. It’s our celebration tag, and have we had a lot to celebrate this year. Much of it has been covered in our newsletters, in the paper, in our Annual Report, and other publications. There are now two more reasons to have #skagitpride.

Recently, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County learned that it was in the top 10% of Clubs across the United States for growth – 26.7% for 2014. This is a tremendous achievement, especially when considering that we did not reach this status by opening a new site or adding programs. Instead, we’ve stretched the capacity of our facilities and reinvested in programs and staff development. Through this, a better Club experience results, and more kids start attending more often. We are already on a pace to break last year’s record of 1,479 youth served, and look to do even more through partnerships and collaboration.

Significant growth is also occurring in our summer programs. For the second year, we are open from the first day of summer vacation to the last. It puts a strain on our facilities and staff without a break between the vastly different types of programs, but our families need us, and we simply have had to find ways to resolve things outside of program times. Because of this, and kids simply voting with their feet, our summer enrollment is up, with Clubs reporting increases of 18-92% over last year. THAT makes us have #skagitpride.

Our Clubs would not have the opportunity to continue serving more and more kids if it were not for our hardworking Board of Directors, community partners, advocates, donor-investors, corporate and business sponsors. Thanks to all for empowering us to make a difference in the lives of youth in our communities. Because of you, #skagitpride is alive and well. 

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