Smart Girls Body Boutique Trip

SMART Girls at the Body Boutique

On June 11th, fourteen girls from the Mount Vernon SMART Girls program went on a field trip to the Body Boutique in Mount Vernon. When they first arrived, the girls received a tour of the day spa and at the end, keeping in line with our Boys & Girls Club Healthy Lifestyles Priority Outcome, were presented with a spread of fruits, vegetables and healthy chocolate to snack on. While they snacked, Body Boutique owner, Tamera Pearson, talked to the girls about proper skin care and Club member, Ariana, was then selected to be the model as they showed the girls how to properly apply age-appropriate makeup. Afterwards, each of the girls got to choose their own colors and have their makeup applied by one of the four makeup consultants!

The Body Boutique Staff went out of their way to make sure our each and every one of our young ladies felt special! As we left, each girl got their own goodie bag complete with samples of skin care products. It was a great opportunity for each girl to get a better understanding about their true beauty and how makeup enhances that beauty instead of covers over it.

We would like to thank Tamera Pearson and her wonderful staff at the Body Boutique for helping to ensure that our SMART Girls had an incredible day and an experience that they would never forget.

See photo album here.

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