SMART Kids in Sedro-Woolley

This week our SMART Kids group came together to talk about people in their lives that are important to them and why they are important. Then the discussion turned to the kids thinking about someone they know that might need a greeting card or thank you card. With the help of our Junior Staff, our SMART Kids made cards for their teachers, parents, babysitters, and siblings to let them know that they are important and that we are thinking about them. 

Other projects the SMART Kids have been working are “The Lego Project” where the kids teamed up to build different parts of their city and then came together to connect their community. Through this process our Members learned the importance of team work and sharing, not just at the Club, but in their community. 

If you have any questions or comments about our SMART Programs please contact Program Director John Garman at 360-856-1830.

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