SMART Kids Takes Off in La Conner

There are so many ways that people can care for their bodies. Nutritious eating, fitness, hygiene and safety all incorporate ways that lead to a healthy person. Club members who participate in the SMART Kids program in La Conner¬†¬†talked about how important this is during this week’s session.

Youth ages 6-9 gathered to brainstorm ways that they take care of themselves. From brushing their teeth to wearing their helmets when riding their bikes, all were great ideas.

Next, members worked together in pairs to trace each other on large pieces of paper. Once their bodies were outlined, youth used their artistic skills to illustrate how they take care of their bodies. One member drew a toothbrush in one of his outlined body’s hands and an apple and a carrot in the other hand. Even his drawing’s feet were complete with football cleats ready for a game of flag football to get some exercise. This activity combined members’ creative side along with the message of how important it is to care for our bodies.

SMART Kids is designed for members ages 6-9. The program runs every Tuesdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. For more information on SMART Kids or any other programming related to Healthy Lifestyles please contact the Club at (360) 466-3672 or email:

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