SMART Moves : Danger of Tobacco

The Mount Vernon Club recently had the opportunity to learn about smoking awareness and the dangers of tobacco when Sasha, an intern from United General Hospital came to the club to speak to our members about the effects of smoking on the body. She showed the kids a jar filled with dark brown sludge and spoke about how much tar builds up in the lungs of a smoker. She also had the kids break off the ends of a licorice stick and try to breathe through the licorice tube while standing and then running in place. The activity was to show the kids how smoking and the resulting emphysema can affect everyday activities. The most exciting part of the presentation was when Sasha hooked up a healthy and an unhealthy pig lung to an air pump. She showed the kids what the differences were between the two as they each had air pumped into them. The kids were both amazed and disgusted as they looked on. Sasha did a wonderful job of providing a hands-on experience and making sure all of our members went away with a lot of great information.

See more pictures here.

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