SW hosts Volunteer Appreciation Event

16 Club Volunteers and Community Council Members received recognition at the Volunteer Appreciation Event.

16 Club Volunteers and Community Council Members received recognition at the Volunteer Appreciation Event.

The Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Event on Thursday, December 6th. Volunteers and Community Council Members were greeted at the door by Boys & Girls Club Members, where every volunteer received a handmade “gold medal”. Then 75 Club Members gathered to give thanks to the Club supporters, giving several rounds of applause to the different groups of volunteers. Club Members read poems about volunteers entitled Dedicated Hearts and Shake a Volunteer’s Hand. The group of volunteers were honored with baggies of Starbursts and star candies, because “Volunteers are the STARS of the Club!”Club Members then graced the volunteers with hugs and handshakes, to thank them for all their help!

16 dedicated supporters were recognized at this fun event. Those honored were 3 Varsity in Volunteerism students from Sedro-Woolley High School – Dalia Reyes, Riley McClenaghan, and Mary Kelley – who are aiming to earn 100 hours of community service to receive a varsity letter in volunteering. Six Club Volunteers who donate their time to help youth succeed in Reading, Homework, Science and Cooking – Sylvia Matterand, Carol and Lynn Torset, Jessieca Martini, Renee Buchanan, and Josh Arquitt. And last but certainly not least, seven Community Council Members, local board members working in the community fundraising and developing opportunities for their favorite Boys & Girls Club – Council Chair Sarah Arquitt, Pola Kelley, Caroline Davis, Josh Carpenter, Joe Jones, Mike Yeoman, and Justin Ward. 

Several volunteers and Community Council Members weren’t able to make the event but they are still greatly appreciated! A big thanks to Club Volunteers Pat Grenfell, Erin Long, and Racquel McDermott and Community Council Members Amanda Tokunaga, Barbara Kehoe, Dan McIlraith, and Stephanie Cann. Of course there are so, so, so many other people who help keep the Boys & Girls Club running strong – we also thank them from the bottom of our hearts! And finally, to each and every one of our Volunteers, THANK YOU! We truly couldn’t do it without you!

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