SW Members blow their tops

Club Volunteer Erin helps Club Members with their VOLCANO!

Volcanoes! That was the topic of study the past week at the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club. Club Members used team-building skills and learned all about volcanoes during this high-yield activity. Members chose a type of mountain to build: block mountain, dome mountain, or fold mountains. Members scoured the Club to find recyclable items to build the base of their volcano, using items like recycled paper and scraps and cardboard. Once they had a strong foundation they used paper-mache to make the outside solid, then completed their volcano with paint. The last part of the project included Club Members learning about gas pressure and mixing elements when they “exploded” their volcanoes. Because the members used different types of mountains, the kids could see which volcanoes were more violent to humans and which ones could actually change the landscapes over time.

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