SMART Girls complete first session

Throughout our first session of SMART Girls, the main objectives were to create a safe environment based on trust, honesty and friendship where all the girls could feel comfortable sharing with each other and to learn about the topics that young girls face during their development. Over the course of the SMART Girls session, several topics were discussed such as nutrition, exercise, the importance of volunteering in the community, body changes, relationships, friendships and the importance of setting goals in regards to health, academics and relationships with others. The girls built trust within the group and formed friendships by engaging in questions, group discussions and ice breaker activities.

The session ended before winter break with a “Girl’s Night In!” We started with dinner, lasagna and desserts, and then moved into an activity that allowed the girls to give compliments anonymously to one another and then share them with the group. After debriefing the activity and a quick art project, we finished the evening with club staff doing the girls’ hair and nails, and of course dancing and fun! If you’d like to view the photos from the evening’s event click here.

We had 21 young ladies participate in the SMART Girls Night In and we are looking at starting back up after winter break in January, 2013. SMART Girls meet each Monday at 4:30pm at the Club with  Volunteer Renee Buchanan. If you have questions about the SMART Programs, feel free to call us at 360-856-1830 or email 

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