Sedro-Woolley “Goodfellas” participate in Passport to Manhood on Wednesdays at the Sedro-Woolley Teen Center.

The Sedro-Woolley Teen Center program nicknamed “Goodfellas” is how our young men earn their Passports to Manhood. In one of our first sessions we covered one of the most important things for any man to know: how to properly and respectfully interact with women. As any man, young or old, can tell you –  respecting women starts with understanding how they’re different from men. The Goodfellas had a lot of questions about girls, like why they act differently than guys. Teen Center Coordinator Patrick Dougher and Goodfellas Leader, did his best to answer these questions, but let’s face it, he’s a guy too, and the Goodfellas deserve answers from a female. To that end, Goodfellas will have a guest speaker, Anna Schnitzer, who is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, to impart some scientific information and womanly knowledge on the boys. The Goodfellas are excited to hear from her and for future program sessions which will include topics like physical fitness, how to deal with peer pressure, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and the occasional video game as a reward for learning.



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