SW Teens Hike Orcas Island


Thanks to the generous support of the Skagit Community Foundation, Foothills Toyota, and the George B. & Ruth Elizabeth Ferguson Advised Fund – twelve members from the SW Teen Center had a thoroughly enjoyable adventure hiking around Orcas Island on Saturday, December 8th.

Like all good adventures this one started in the wee hours of the morning when the group met at 6:00 AM at The Club. Once supplies had been checked and double checked the group piled into the BGC Van and headed for the ferry!

 The ferry ride to Orcas Island was a time for quiet contemplation and anticipation while each member of the group prepared themselves physically and mentally for the arduous journey ahead. Actually for most, it was more of a time for excitement and exploration as members wandered the ship from bow to stern and back again whereas, a few of the older and wiser teens did take the chance to have a nice pre-hike nap.

 Upon arriving at Orcas Island our little Adventuring Party clamored back into the van and set out for the beautifully scenic and rustic Moran State Park. It wasn’t long before the intrepid explorers entered the arched gateway of the park and headed out into the wilderness.

 The rest of that thankfully dry day was spent exploring the various hiking trails and lookout points of Moran State Park and the quaint shops of the village of Eastsound. Some of the adventuresome teens even got acquainted with some aquatic wildlife, such as a small crab named “Bob” and a pair of starfish, also named “Bob”.

 All too soon the time came to return to the ferry and head back to the mainland. The adventure was winding down and everyone was exhausted, but that didn’t stop members from once again endlessly exploring the ferry until it found port at Anacortes. From there, all that was left was to return to The Club and head home. The adventure had come to an end and though no one had found any Dragon Gold or Dwarven Mines all the participants felt thoroughly enriched, though if you asked them, I am sure they would simply say that they had a lot of fun.

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