SW Teens Make Vegan Truffles

Libby, Heather, and Haley making vegan oreo chocolate truffles

Libby, Heather, and Haley prepare vegan oreo chocolate truffles

Most Teens love eating, but they can still be picky. Words like “vegan” will scare them away while words like “chocolate” will attract them. Despite their first reactions, Teens decided to make vegan oreo chocolate truffles at the Sedro-Woolley Boys Club Teen Center.

They are easy to make with only 4 ingredients. Oreos (which contain no animal products), vegan cream cheese, vegan chocolate chips, and coconut oil.

To make the truffles, the Teens simply mixed crushed oreos with vegan cream cheese and melted the vegan chocolate chips and coconut oil together. They then dripped the melted chocolate over balls of the oreo/cream cheese mixture. Lastly, the truffles were placed on wax paper and put in the fridge until they hardened.

Teens enjoyed learning the cooking process, and especially liked the delicious treat with no cholesterol and no animal products.



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