SW Teens Test Water Quality

Do you ever worry about the quality of the water you drink? How about whether or not that fancy bottled water is really better than your tap water? Well the Members of the Sedro-Woolley Boys & Girls Club Teen Center were wondering just that, so our Healthy Teens Group decided to test the quality of our tap water versus the quality of bottled water. From samples of both tap and bottled water, Teens tested for pH balance, nitrates, iron, and copper content using a water quality test kit available at Home Depot. Everyone was both relieved and surprised to find that they were unable to discern any significant difference between the two waters! Both water sources tested within the “safe zone” for water quality… Obviously Sedro-Woolley has awesome tap water!

 Are you interested in being a guest speaker or volunteer for Healthy Habits at theSedro-Woolley Teen Center? We would love to have you share your knowledge and expertise with our members! Contact Teen Center Coordinator Patrick Dougher by phone at 360-419-5525 or by E-Mail at patrickd@bgcskagit.org

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