Tasty Treats for Furry Friends

Brave Heroes TC is making dog treats to give to their furry friends at the Skagit County Humane Society as part of their ongoing PAWS service project.

Brave Heroes TC making dog treats for the Skagit County Humane Society as part of the PAWS service project.

On Monday, January 6th, Brave Heroes Torch Club Members spent the afternoon making their own homemade dog treats at the La Conner  Club. Working together as a group, they divided responsibilities and worked hard to prepare the dough while learning about healthy ingredient choices for both dogs and people.  They got creative in cutting out decorative shapes with our collection of cookie cutters and even spent time having younger Members help in the process.   

Torch PAWS logoWhile waiting for the dog treats to bake, several Members got creative and crafty and came up with their own cat toys using supplies they could find.

Brave Heroes Torch Club Members will be delivering the dog treats and cat toys to the Skagit Valley Humane Society as a part of their ongoing Protecting Animals with Service (PAWS) Project throughout the year and can’t wait to see their four legged friends soon.   

For more information about the Brave Heroes Torch Club, contact Club Director, Kendrick Davis-Pittmon at (360) 419-5306
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