Teens Develop New Game

Teens playing "Lava Somethin"

Teens playing “Lava Somethin”

Games are serious business for our Sedro-Woolley Teens. So serious, in fact, that they regularly participate in testing out creative new games, such as Zombie Tag and Ninja Training. Usually the rules for these games are thought up by Staff but this past Teen Night members took it to a whole new level and actually came up with the rules for an all new game. The Teens used an eclectic set of equipment that included carpet squares, rope, hula hoops, soft yarn balls, and a catcher’s mitt to create a challenging game they decided to call “Lava Somethin”.

In “Lava Somethin” one or two “adventurers” must negotiate a course of carpet squares to avoid falling in lava (it’s not real lava. It’s just the concrete) and retrieve the ancient artifact (or catcher’s mitt) and get it back to where they started. It’s not as easy as it sounds though since everyone who isn’t an “adventurer” is a “lava monster” throwing yarn balls trying to knock the “adventurers” off balance and into lava.

Over the summer Teens will take the time to play and modify “Lava Somethin” until it is as fun and challenging as possible. Creating and testing out new games is just one of the many ways that Teens show their commitment and investment in The Club. 

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