Theater Week at MV Club

Kids learning about stage makeup

Last week was Theater Week at the Mount Vernon Club. On Monday, local performer, Tom Ochiai came and spoke to the kids about what it’s like to be an actor and be on stage. He encouraged the kids to get out there and audition for shows because the excitement of putting together a show and making new friends is truly worth it. Many of kids said they would like to be on stage one day and were encouraged by Tom to follow their dreams!

On Wednesday, members learned about the art of doing stage makeup and how it is used to help in creating the appearance of characters in a production. Two Club members were chosen to have stage makeup put on to exhibit different makeup techniques. Keith was chosen to be turned into an old man and Shealeigh was chosen to have the illusion of having a black eye by just using makeup. The kids learned about highlighting and shadowing a face to make it appear older, younger or even like a completely different looking person. They also learned how a person’s face changes as they get older and how to mix colors for many unique stage makeup effects. The kids had a great time during Theater Week and for those with the acting bug we hope they are further inspired to go after their dreams.

More pictures of the Theater Week here.

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