Youth of the Month – April 2017

Boy of the Month

Erick W., age 9

Erick has been a Club member since 2013 and attends Mt. Erie Elementary. He is one of the most active Club members, participating in everything from Triple Pin Soccer League to Power Hour. Lately, Erick has been spending a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding.


Girl of the Month

Abby C., age 8

A student at Mt. Erie Elementary, Abby has only recently joined the Club this past fall. She has been quick to make an impression at the Club in her short time though with her eagerness to help staff and participate in different programs. Abby always makes sure to include her peers and clean up after herself too.



Teen of the Month

Titus J., age 13

Titus attends Anacortes Middle School and has been a Club member since he was just nine years old. He enjoys to play gym games with the younger members and serves as a great role model for them. Titus also helps with Keystone Club, Career Launch, and other teen programs. 



Homework All-Star

Tyler M., age 8

Tyler makes sure to go get his homework done during Power Hour every day. Even though he wants to spend time in the gym or the gamesroom, Tyler remembers to get his work done first.



Artist of the Month

Jaylee W., age 6

Jaylee enjoys spends lots of her time in the Art Room creating cool new crafts and creations. Her favorite type of art is painting, especially finger painting.


Triple Play MVP

Xavier J., age 8

Xavier consistently has one of the highest attendances in Triple Play activities. He enjoys everything including soccer, awesome ball, dodgeball and ice cream tag.



STEM Superstar

Austin L., age 9

Austin spends a lot of time in the computer lab working on coding. He also attends DIY STEM activities including Lego Challenges, Inventor Quests, and more.



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