Youth of the Month – December 2016

Boy of the Month

Wyatt W., age 9

Wyatt attends Mt. Erie Elementary and has been a member since 2013. He has strived to earn Youth of the Month for quite some time and we are honored to award it to him because of his improvements in sportsmanship and character development. Wyatt spends his time participating in Triple Play, Healthy Habits, and gamesroom tournaments. 


Girl of the Month

Dakota G., age 7

A Club member since 2013, Dakota attends Fidalgo Elementary and is a daily presence at the Club. She enjoys reading in the learning center and making different crafts in the art room. Dakota always treats other Club members with respect and is eager to help staff when needed.



Teen of the Month

Orion S., age 15

Orion attends Anacortes High and has been a Club member since 2013. Its enough that he is eager to help, but Orion is always eager to help. He helps around the teen center without being asked, which is a wonderful example of his character.



Homework All-Star

Marley B., age 9

Its one thing to enjoy getting your homework done at the Club, but Marley really enjoys getting her getting her work done. She always is one of the first members in the Power Hour room and has fun working with her peers. Marley was able to buy a bunch of prizes from at the Power Hour Store this month with all the points she has earned.




Triple Play MVP

Jordan F., age 8

Jordan went to Triple Play activities more than any other member this month! Her favorite games are Proball and Four Square. She has also made it to all of the Dodgeball teams games this past season.



STEM Superstar

Dylan G., age 11

Dylan has spend more time in coding and STEM activities than any other Club member. He has gotten quite good at building his own video games and has been able to develop some fairly handy skills through the program.



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