Youth of the Month – February 2017

Boy of the Month

Felix A. Age 10

Felix is a 5th grader and attends Madison Elementary. This is Felix’s fourth year at the club and he has made this place better just by being here. He is always willing to help, and was recently accepted to our Jr Staff program, which we will get to see more of his great potential.

Felix A.

Girl of the Month

Madilyn K. Age 7 

Madylin attends Centennial Elementary as a first grader. She has been attending the club for 2 years and during that time she has opened up to many of the other members and staff. Members and staff appreciate Madilyn’s smile because anytime she joins a program she is happy and ready to participate.


Madilyn K.

Homework All-Star

Daisy C. Age 10

Daisy is attending Centennial Elementary and is currently a fifth grader there. Daisy has  been a great role model for the other kids by attending Power Hour. When other members see that she is going to be doing homework she has encouraged others to do the same.

Daisy C.


Artist of the Month

Hailey S. Age 7

Hailey is a First grader attending Little Mountain Elementary and is currently in Second grade. As new member only starting out in September, she has really loved joining our Art Programs. She is always found in the art room creating some amazing things. Sometimes she goes around and shows the other staff what she has created and can’t wait to show her mom when she gets to the club to be picked up.


Hailey S.

Triple Play MVP  (Sportsmanship Award)

Adrian A. Age 9

Adrian is a third grader attending Madison Elementary. Adrian has attended the club since he was a kindergartener and this is his fourth year. As he has grown here, he has really seen the importance of good sportsmanship and is displaying it well to other members. He is begining to be a great role model for our other members.

Adrian A.

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