Youth of the Month – May 2017

Boy of the Month

Hunter P., age 11

Hunter has been attending the Boys & Girls Club since 2016 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He is a program pro, attending everything including Power Hour, Triple Play, DIY STEM and more. Hunter recently volunteered at the Anacortes Club’s BE GREAT Breakfast. 

Hunter P

Girl of the Month

Neraeah B., age 9

Neraeah is a student at Mt. Erie Elementary and has been attending the Club since January of 2016. Neraeah is at the Club almost everyday of the week. Her favorite Club activities include the Art Room, Healthy Habits, and Drama Matters.


Neraeah B

Teen of the Month

Kandyce B., age 15

Kandyce attends Anacortes High School and is a longtime Club member, having joined in 2011. She is enjoys participating in Keystone Club and has taken a leading role in their blanket-making project. Kandyce is a fun and lively presence in the Teen Center and at Teen Nights.


Kandyce B

Homework All-Star

Lawrence B., age 9

Lawrence likes coming to the Club so he can get his homework done during Power Hour. He is super excited for this month’s Power Hour Store, where he’ll get a chance to spend all the points he earned doing his work.


Lawrence B

Artist of the Month

Austin M., age 6

Austin stood out this month in the Art Room for his unique and creative projects. Austin makes sure to follow instructions and show respect to staff and volunteers.

Austin M

Triple Play MVP

Samone P., age 10

Samone loves playing all kind of gym games. Her favorite games are Chair Soccer, Dr. Dodgeball and Four Square. 


Samone P

STEM Superstar

Trevor L., age 12

Trevor has been a coding machine this month. He never missing a Coding Hour and always makes sure to try new programs that he can learn about.


Trevor L

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