Youth of the Month – November, 2012.

Kloee B.

Kloee B., Age 7
Kloee is in 2nd Grade at Fidalgo Elementary School. She began attending the Anacortes Club in 2011. Kloee is always kind to her fellow Club members as well as the staff, bringing a smile with her everywhere she goes. 

Bryan M.





Bryan M., Age 8
Bryan is in the 3rd Grade at Fidalgo Elementary School. Bryan joined the Club in 2011. He has a great attitude towards the staff and loves jumping in on any game, as well as attending all of the events that the Club offers.

Alex A.





Alex A., Age 14
Alex is a 9th Grade student at Anacortes High School. Alex  joined the Anacortes Club in 2007. Alex always has a positive attitude and is always polite and respectful towards staff, making him a great role model for younger kids at the Club.

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