Youth of the Month – November 2016

Boy of the Month

Travis F., age 9

Travis has been a member of the Club since 2013 and attends Island View Elementary. He was able to become a Jr. Staff this school year and has been diligent in helping around the Club. Travis participates in other programs as well such as Power Hour, Triple Play, and more.


Girl of the Month

Rhiannon P., age 11

Rhiannon attends Island View Elementary and is a regular attendee at the Club. Though only joining the Club this past summer, Rhiannon has quickly made an impact as a respectful and energetic member. She participates in Torch Club, Healthy Habits, Dodgeball League and more. 



Teen of the Month

Lauren S., age 15

Lauren attends Anacortes High School and is a daily presence in the teen center. Though only joining the Club recently, she has made herself standout though her eagerness to help around the Club, especially during the Harvest Festival. 



Homework All-Star

Madison J., age 9

Madison has attended Power Hour more than any other Club member this past month. She always makes sure to do her homework and even after that, Madison sticks around to read or play games. Her favorite game is Spot It! which she’s crazy good at!



Artist of the Month

Hannah S., age 11

Hannah is a constant and joyful presence in the Art Room where she enjoys running her own store and making all sorts of crafts. She is eager to help staff when needed and always shares supplies with other members. 


Triple Play MVP

Loden W., age 7

Even at his young age, Loden is a model presence for Triple Play activities with his positive sportsmanship and enthusiasm for gym games. Loden enjoys playing in the Dodgeball League and his team, the Doggers, are currently in 2nd place!



STEM Superstar

Emily A., age 11

Emily has always been actively engaged in STEM activities while at the Club, but even more so this past month. She spends lots of time working on coding and was even able to use the 3D printer to bring her own designs to life!



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