Youth of the Month – October 2016

Boy of the Month

Braedyn P., age 7

Braedyn has been a daily attendee of the Club since September 2015 and attends Fidalgo Elementary. He enjoys playing Triple Play games such as dodgeball, Three Pin Soccer, and Rainbow Tag. Braedyn also spends time in the games room and learning center and always has a positive attitude with whatever he does. 

Braedyn P.

Girl of the Month

Shelly E., age 11

Shelly attends Fidalgo Elementary and has been a Club member since July 2015. Shelly is an excellent role model for all of our Club members and is eager to help staff whenever she can. She spends most of her time in the art room but also enjoys gym games and Power Hour.


Shelly E.

Teen of the Month

Jayden B., age 15

Jayden has been a Club member since 2014 and attends Anacortes High School. Jayden is a fun and lively presence in the teen center. He is eager to help staff with their activities and is always up for whatever programming is ongoing. Jayden has also shown himself to be pretty good at ping pong too. 



Homework All-Star

Emri V., age 8

Emri is a daily presence in the learning center, always working on her homework and Khan Academy. She currently has earned more Power Hour points than any other Club member. Way to go Emri!



Artist of the Month

Ada L., age 9

Ada spends much of her time at the Club in the art room. She enjoys painting, coloring, chalk pastels, and other craft projects. Ada does much to help staff in the art room including cleaning and helping younger members with their projects. 


Triple Play MVP

Makhi O., age 9

Makhi is a constant presence in the gym during Triple Play. He loves participating in everything from bump to backboard dodgeball, chaos ball to chair soccer, keys to the castle to battleship. Makhi knows that positive sportsmanship and physical fitness are good traits to have.



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